Byzantine History Private Guided Tour in Istanbul

Byzantine History Private Guided Tour in Istanbul

Byzantine Empire is one of the longest living empire in the world. It lasted from 395 A.D. to 1453 A.D. It’s famous for being the continuation of Ancient Roman Empire and head of the Eastern Christendom.

The story of Byzantium started with first Greek settlers of Istanbul in 638 B.C. The Byzas and his people migrated from Megara (Ancient Greece) and settled to the Seraglio Point. (Where the Topkapi Palace of today located)

Byzantium lasted for long years up until Romans came and conquered the city. Roman Emperor Constantine proclaimed the Byzantium as the new capital of Roman Empire and renamed it as Constantinople.

Theodosius I divided the Roman Empire in two parts and Eastern half of the  Roman Empire outlived the Western one. As Rome was seized by Goths in 476 A.D. the Western Roman Empire collapsed. However the Eastern Roman Empire survived until 1453.

Historians renamed the Eastern Roman Empire as “Byzantine” Empire in the modern times. A nickname that refers to the first name of the city: Byzantium.

Istanbul’s Byzantine History Private Tours by Serhat Engul 

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Byzantine History Private Tour in Istanbul

Istanbul has a hippodrome, an aqueduct, a few cisterns and many churches from Byzantine era. Byzantine History Private Guided Tour offers to show you majority of the Byzantine Heritage that still stands in the city.

Byzantine Heritage Sightseeing Tour Includes

  • Hippodrome of Constantinople
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Valens Aqueduct
  • Greek Orthodox Patriarchate (Church of St. George)
  • Chora Church (Kariye Museum)

The Byzantine Empire history tour starts with a visit to Hippodrome of Constantinople. A comprehensive history about Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras of Istanbul would be told with the help of maps and visuals.

Hagia Sophia is definitely most important structure in Istanbul that is left from Byzantines. It’s a perfect place to study Byzantine architecture, culture and art.

After visiting the Basilica Cistern, we will leave the Sultanahmet Area in order to see the Valens Aqueduct from inside the car. Then we will arrive to Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, the head of Orthodox Christians in the World. The highlight of the Patriarcate Complex is St. George’s Cathedral. After seeing the relics, mosaics and icons in this beautiful church, we will stroll through the cozy Fener neighborhood.

Then take a taxi to see the marvelous Chora Church. Nowadays known as Kariye Museum, this place has the best preserved Byzantine Mosaics in Istanbul. Even better than Hagia Sophia in many ways.

This tour definitely gives you a good overview of Istanbul’s Byzantine history. You will be listening to the mysterious stories of Byzantine Empire and witness the rise and fall of this great empire. I will try to make the history alive to you by using a lot of visuals and maps.

  • Hippodrome of Constantinople

Byzantine History Private Guided Tour Istanbul
Hippodrome of Constantinople
  • Hagia Sophia

Byzantine Empire History Tour in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Basilica Cistern

Byzantine Empire Heritage Tour in Istanbul
Basilica Cistern
  • Valens Aqueduct

Byzantine History Tour Guide in Istanbul
Valens Aqueduct
  • Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Byzantine History Private Guided Tours
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Chora Church (Kariye Museum)

Constantinople History Tour of Istanbul
Chora Church (Kariye Museum)

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Private Byzantine Constantinople Tour in Istanbul

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