Fener Balat Private Guided Walking Tour

Fener Balat Private Guided Walking Tour

Fener Balat Neighborhoods have been cosmopolitan and multi-cultural areas of Istanbul city since the Ottoman Empire era. Altough they are not popular as Sultanahmet, Sirkeci and Eminonu neighborhoods, it’s definitely worth visiting them.

Cibali, Fener and Balat Neighborhoods located next to each other and perfect place to do a walking tour. You may observe the local life in Istanbul while walking through the oldish streets of Fener and Balat.

Fener Balat Walking Tours usually starts from Kadir Has University and considered as a half-day tour activity. You may see some hidden treasures of Istanbul such as very old Mosques, Churches and Synagogues.

Fener Balat Private Walking Tours by Serhat Engul 

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Kadir Has University in Cibali

Kadir Has University is starting point for the tour

Since the Fener Balat neighborhoods have an increasing popularity recently, many new cafés and restaurants have opened in this area. That makes Fener Balat Walking Tour both a cultural and food experience in Historical Istanbul.

Fener Balat Walking Tour
Colorful Houses of Balat Neighborhood

Things to See in Cibali Neighborhood

Kadir Has University is originally a tobacco factory from late Ottoman Empire era. Nowadays it’s one of the best private university in Istanbul located by the Golden Horn shores.

Fener Balat Walking Tour starts from this building. The second stop is Cibali Gate which was one of the entrance gates to the city from mighty Walls of Constantinople.

Gul Camii (Rose Mosque) was formerly a Byzantine Church dating back to 10th century. This beautiful building represents Byzantine architecture very well. Originally named as Hagia Theodosia Church.

Aya Nikola (St. Nicolaus) Church is also one of the highlights of the area. It stands out as a secret jewel. Attendants of the Church open it only for guided groups exclusively.

Fener Balat Private Walking Tour
Gul Mosque – Hagia Theodosia Church

Things to See in Fener Neighborhood

Head of the Eastern Orthodox Church had to move from Hagia Sophia following the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate finally settled to the Fener neighborhood after changing a few places.

Greek Orthodox College and Greek Orthodox Patriarchate are the most distinctive structures to see in Fener Neighborhood. These two historical buildings  located very near to each other in Fener neighborhood of today.

Fener Balat Walking Tour includes a visit to the Church of St. George (within Greek Orthodox Patriarchate)

Church of St. George in Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

Colorful Houses of Fener and Balat

You will be able to see colorful houses of Fener area during the tour. Nowadays colorful houses of Fener and Balat considered as most instagrammable spots in Istanbul.

Greek Houses in Phanar Neighborhood

Things to See in Balat Neighborhood

Balat was the Jewish Quarter of Old Istanbul. Romaniote, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews lived in this area. Therefore you will be able to see some of the most important Synagogues of Istanbul.

Balat is a cozy neighborhood with a lot of local restaurants and coffee shops. You can couple up your cultural tour with a culinary experience.

Besides the synagogues, an Armenian Church and Bulgarian Church also located in Balat neighborhood. Altough the synagogues have a strict procedure to follow, the churches can be visited easily.

Ahrida Synagogue in Balat Istanbul

Fener Balat Private Walking Tour

Serhat Engul is a licensed tour guide in Istanbul. He offers informative walking tours of Fener-Balat. You can hire his services to do a Private Guided Fener Balat Tour for half a day.

A tour guide headset is also included in the tour price. The headset is definitely needed during the tours as the area is busy with traffic and usually very noisy.

Duration of the Fener Balat Tour is usually 4 to 5 hours. This is including a coffee break in Cibali and a lunch break in Fener Neighborhood.

Cozy coffee shops in the Fener Balat Area

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