Private Half Day Walking Tour in Istanbul

Private Half Day Walking Tour in Istanbul

Istanbul is located between Asia and Europe. Being located at the junction spot, it functions like a bridge in between Middle East, Asia and Europe.

People who fly from USA to Dubai or Jerusalem, or even Tanzania for a safary trip; prefer to stay in Istanbul for one night to see the major places in the city. It’s the same for those who travel from Europe to Asia.

Thanks to the Turkish Airlines company, Istanbul has been a hub in this part of the World. Therefore Istanbul International Airport is one of the busiest in Europe.

Why Private Half Day Tour Istanbul?

As I have mentioned in the beginning, many people come to Istanbul for a one day trip. They would like to get the most out of their layover in Istanbul city. Their goal is seeing the most in the shortest time.

Half Day Walking Tour Istanbul is perfect budget tour for those who have a limited time in Istanbul. You may see the most important highlights of the city, only in 4 hours.

Your private tour guide, tells you about the history of Istanbul which dates back to 7th Century B.C. After a brief history information you start to see the major places of interest in Istanbul.

Istanbul Half Day Walking Tour

  1. Hagia Sophia
  2. Basilica Cistern
  3. Hippodrome
  4. Blue Mosque

These sights are considered as the must-see places in Istanbul. You may see these places in only 4 hour and set out for shopping in the Grand Bazaar.

If you have some extra time in the late evening, you can even pay a visit to a Turkish Bath. Getting scrubbed in a historical Turkish Bath is considered as one of the best things to do in Istanbul

Places to Visit during Half Day Walking Tour in Istanbul

There are two museums, one mosque (Blue Mosque) and one open-air sight (Hippodrome)

  • Hagia Sophia

One of the oldest historical structures in Istanbul. Built in 537 by Byzantine Emperor.

Half Day Walking Tour Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Museum Istanbul
  • Blue Mosque

Second largest mosque in Istanbul, adorned with Blue Iznik Tiles. Built in 1616.

Private Half Day Tour Istanbul
Blue Mosque Istanbul
  • Basilica Cistern

Built by Byzantine Empire in 6th Century. Oldest water reservoir in the city.

Istanbul half day morning tour
Basilica Cistern Istanbul
  • Hippodrome of Constantinople

Once the major entertainment center of the city. Chariot races made in here.

istanbul half day guided tour
Hippodrome of Constantinople

Istanbul Half Day Private Guided Tours

Half Day Tours in Istanbul
Istanbul Half Day Tours Guided By Serhat Engul

Best Half Day Tours of Istanbul City 2018

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