Private Old City Walking Tour in Istanbul

Istanbul Old City Tour Guide

Istanbul Old City Private Guided Walking Tour

Istanbul is like a bridge between the Asia and Europe, therefore it receives visitors from both sides. Thanks to the connected flights of Turkish Airlines and Mediterranean Cruise Ships, city is very busy during the Spring and Summer.

People who fly to Dubai or some other Middle Eastern countries, prefer to make a stopover in Istanbul to see the city for a day or two. Some large Cruise Ships use Istanbul Cruise Terminal at the starting or ending point of their journey.

Istanbul is bustling with the people during the high season which lasts approximately 7 monts. The high tourist season is considered as Spring, Summer and Fall.

Literally starts from the end of March with Tulip Festival, and finishes by the November when weather turns to cold.

Istanbul Old City Photo
Istanbul Old City Guided Tours

Istanbul Old City Walking Tour

  1. Hagia Sophia
  2. Hippodrome
  3. Blue Mosque
  4. Topkapi Palace
  5. Basilica Cistern
  6. Grand Bazaar

When it comes to arrange a guided tour in Istanbul, Istanbul Old City Walking Tour is the most popular one. You may visit the highlights of Istanbul within one day with the help of a Private Tour Guide in Istanbul.

Licensed tour guides have priority at the entrances of Istanbul Museums. So that you can skip the long lines and visit the most popular museums in shortest time. The long lines in front of museums might make you lose your valuable time if you have a limited time.

If you visit the Istanbul during your layover, it’s best to hire a tour guide in Istanbul and benefit from fast track advantage.

Istanbul Old City Walking Tour Options

Istanbul Old City Walking Tour have two options as follows:

Full Day Old City Tour

You may either see all the things in 7-8 hours as full day Old City Tour (including lunch and coffee breaks). It might be a little difficult but you would have covered major places in Istanbul Old City (Sultanahmet Area).

So that you discover the rest of Istanbul without being obliged to come back to the same area again. You may set out for Beyoglu (Modern Istanbul) or Bosphorus Cruise for your second day. Or even take a ferry journey to Asian Side (Kadikoy or Uskudar) or Prince Islands.

Half Day Old City Tour

You can pick some particular places from the list and prepare your custom made old city tour. You may create Bzyantine history tour or Ottoman history tour from inside of the listed places.

Hagia Sophia Museum

istanbul old city walking tour
Hagia Sophia

Hippodrome of Constantinople

istanbul old city private tour
Hippodrome of Constantinople

Blue Mosque

istanbul old city guided tour
Blue Mosque
istanbul old city half day tour
Topkapi Palace

Byzantine Basilica Cistern

istanbul tour guide
Byzantine Basilica Cistern

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

private guided tours of istanbul old city
Grand Bazaar Istanbul

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